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Is Video Good for SEO? | 5 mins

Over the last few years, video content has become more popular within businesses. It’s now easier than ever for your home services business to create high-quality video content using simply your iPhone or Android cellphone camera without having any videography experience.  With this influx in video content, Google has now identified that ranking your HVAC, […]

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What Makes for a Good Backlink in the Electrical Industry | 3 mins

When you link to any webpage on your website, it is referred to as a backlink. For example, when I link to our homepage, I have created a backlink. This is referred to as an internal link as I am linking to a page in the same domain. However, most backlinks will be exterior to […]

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5 SEO Tactics to Help Your Home Service Website Dominate | 5 mins

SEO or search engine optimization enhances your online content to increase your website’s visibility through a search engine. SEO means changing and formatting small things that will help boost your website’s performance. Search engines are run by algorithms that take certain factors into account when ranking sites for specific keywords. Optimizing your digital platform to […]

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Your Google My Business Profile is Integral to Your SEO Performance | 4 mins

As you know, having information easily accessible online for your customers is essential. Most companies will optimize their website and set up a social media presence, but often skip the fundamental step of setting up your Google My Business profile.   Google is the most prevalent and used search engine globally; according to Global Stats, Google […]

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Why You Won’t Get Away With Just Blogs Anymore | 4 mins

Blogs are a great way to create content for your platform and are still very relevant. But, with progression in technology and capabilities with web design, they are no longer the only option. Blogs play a significant role in SEO when it comes to hitting keywords and backlinking, but you can also achieve this through […]

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click: How You Can Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing | 3 mins

click Is a toolkit that will help you navigate the digital marketing landscape and grow your business.

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3 Key Ingredients to a Successful Home Service Website | 4 mins

The Need For A High Converting Website Your website should be your hardest working and highest closing Salesperson.  Even more than that, it’s often your customer’s first impression of your business.  It’s important to clearly and properly showcase your brand and value immediately when someone lands on your site.  There are several elements that should […]

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