click is a 196-page manifesto of digital marketing knowledge. It’s a resource full of practical advice and my own learnings. Through my career as a marketer and as the president of AdHome Marketing, I’ve come to deeply understand the marketing challenges many home care professionals face. 

In fact, one of the stories in the book is how we transformed a local furnace company through digital marketing and grew the business to $20 million in annual sales. I believe every business can benefit from digital marketing and I want to teach you how to do the same. 

Why I Wrote click

I know what you’re probably thinking; isn’t it a little ironic to write a paper book about digital marketing? Yes, it might be, but it was my goal to create a comprehensive digital marketing guide and I thought a book was the best way to do that. 

click Is not a marketing textbook and it’s not a topical compilation of marketing trends. It’s not full of compelling stats to try and sway you. Instead, it’s a toolkit that will help you truly understand how to use digital marketing to transform your business. The techniques in the book aren’t flashy and they’ll be just as effective 5 years from now as they are today. 

What click Can Do for You

click Is a toolkit that will help you navigate the digital marketing landscape and grow your business. Whether you’re a lawn care company that’s just starting out or an HVAC company that's been in business for decades, click can help you transform your business.

Turning through the pages of the book is like having a digital marketer right there beside you. It’s my goal to get readers to better understand digital marketing overall, including how to measure your success and how to make a unique marketing plan for your business. 

Once you’ve read click, you’ll have the skills to grow your business quickly, efficiently, and profitably. I help you skip the learning curve and wasted marketing dollars so you can go straight to an effective, well-planned marketing strategy. 

Who Can Benefit from click 

I didn’t write this book for the big businesses that have infinite marketing resources. I wrote this book for you, the small to medium-sized business and entrepreneur. I want to change your perception of marketing and how successful your business can be. Because once you start reaching the right customers, your business has the potential to grow to a degree you never thought was possible. 

I’ve been helping home care professionals for many years and it’s become my passion and my career’s work. I want to help you grow your business by taking control of your marketing. click will help you do exactly that by showing you how to reach homeowners more effectively. 

click is a resource that can benefit both marketers and non-marketers. It’s simple to understand while going into enough detail that people who already understanding marketing can benefit as well. For those who already work in marketing, this book will give you a better understanding of digital marketing. For those learning about marketing, it will set you on the right path.  

3 Key Points from the Book

Hopefully I’ve made a compelling case for growing your business by now, but if not, here are 3 key points you’ll learn from the book:

  1. How to ask the right questions to your marketing team or agency
  2. How to build an effective marketing plan
  3. How to understand when to reinvest or walk away

When you’re done reading click, you’ll be able to make marketing decisions with confidence. And with that confidence comes the power to transform and grow your business. If that sounds like what you and your business needs, my bestselling book click is available on Amazon.


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