Influencer marketing works like this: An influencer will post content about your business on their social platforms. Their audience will then see someone they trust endorse your business. They are essentially sending a referral to each of their followers- it’s digital word-of-mouth on steroids. 

Influencer marketing is divisible into four sub-categories-  mega, macro, micro and nano influencers; their knowledge on particular topics and the lifestyle they live have made their mark on users. Today we will be focusing on how a micro-influencer campaign can benefit your home service company.

The Thing About Micro-Influencers

The social media influencer market is set to be worth more than $10 billion by the end of the year. Utilizing influencers can increase the confidence that future customers have in your business, simply because they are hearing about you from someone they already trust.

Macro vs Micro-Influencers

Macro influencers have a following between 40,000 and 1,000,000 on any one social media platform. They have a high profile, but using them as a part of your home service marketing won’t help you reach the right audience; Mainly because their followers won’t be local to your service area. 

Smaller is better. By smaller, we mean a lower number of followers. Micro-influencers have a following between 1,000-40,000 and are more likely to have a concentrated following in a local area. This means they have a loyal following that trusts their opinion and geographically qualifies to do business with you.

 Deciding on The Influencer

Think of influencer marketing as the best review you could get. You want that review to be seen by the right people. Choosing the right influencers to promote your services is foundational in getting the full benefit of the marketing tactic.

The Reach

Picture someone getting on stage to rave about how great it was doing business with you and everyone in the audience is a homeowner- this is what a micro-influencer campaign will do if you choose the right influencer to work with. 

Analyse the followers of potential influencers you want to work with. The number of people that fit within your target demographic are extremely important in selecting influencers. 

For example; take two influencers with 5,000 followers each. Choose the one that will suit your demographic. Think of your most profitable customer and try to replicate that buyer with the influencer you choose.

What you should be looking for:

  • Are they reaching people who are in the geographic area that you service? 
  • Do they fit your target age demographic? What about their gender?
  • Are they homeowners themselves?

Make Your Message Heard

One of the big benefits of micro-influencers is that they know what content performs best with their followers. They know how to organically create content that will get the response you need from them. Avoid forcing the influencer to create content based on what you want. This is going to come off inauthentic to their followers and won’t land properly with your intended audience.

So don’t over-direct them with very specific content. Instead, give them three overarching competitive advantages your business has and let them share it in a way that their followers will appreciate.

Note: This isn’t a time to sell. Don’t make the content you want promoted to come off like a sales pitch. Anything of that nature will not yield the results you want.

The Run Down

Social media marketing is a whole new world of opportunities to expand your home service business. The trick is understanding the way micro-influencers are able to reach your ideal audience. You are in command when it comes to your marketing strategy, in choosing to implement a micro-influencer campaign you can increase your credibility. 

Think about it, you’re able to select exactly who sees your greatest assets, whether it's how fast you provide your services or the simplicity of doing business with you. A micro-influencer campaign has the potential to completely elevate your brand. 

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