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Digital Branding

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Digital Branding for Home Service Businesses

You want to be sure that your brand is the first in mind for anyone wanting your service. We want to be the agency that does that for you.

Our philosophy shouldn’t be a surprise: we ensure consistency among all of your branding tactics, and show your logo to all homeowners in your service area. This part of things is fairly straight-forward, and at ADHOME, we do it well.

How, you ask? Well… We work with you to craft high-calibre messaging which speaks to your business. We identify specific demographics to strategically target. And we design and deploy tactical ads on various platforms and websites, ensuring that they reach the right customers.

Target the Customers You Want
Showcase Your Brand Properly – And Often
Earn Bonus Leads and Keep Them Coming Back for More

Responsive Google Display Advertising

If you’re not sure what Google Display ads are, they’re those banners across your screen that show you exactly what you want to see. For example: you search for a new pair of workboots online, and then all of the ads on your phone show shoe sales for the next week. We utilize the Google Display Network – responsible for theses ads – to run a series of images and headlines to target the right type of customer. (Find out more on this by booking a call.)

Whether they are in the market for your service, have already visited your website, or are just the exact customer we’ve targeted, Display Ads with your brand and message will be shown to them throughout the week, multiple times. (This is especially helpful seeing as the majority of your customers won’t require your service more than a few times a year.) With this proven method, we ensure that your brand is the first one they think of when they’re in need of service.

Social Media Advertising

No, we don’t mean coming up with a fancy photo of your staff eating lunch. Why spend the extra time on organic posts when you can affordably run strategic ads, and even target the people who haven’t liked your page yet? And trust us – your customers are on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll prove it with the results.

YouTube & Video Advertising

A recent stat shows that 82% of content consumed online by 2021 will be video. With YouTube holding your customers’ attention 2.4X more than television, we at ADHOME recommend including YouTube as part of every marketing strategy.

Video allows you to tell your story and provides you the opportunity to interact with your customers. It makes it as easy as announcing your most recent sale to invoke an emotional connection with your brand.

We’ve also seen better results from your search campaigns (3% increase in conversion rate + 4% decrease in cost per call from search) when you also have a robust YouTube Video Ad Strategy. Let’s discuss this together. We can walk you through how best to adjust your budget to include YouTube. Also – with your ADHOME Membership, we will create the videos for you so all you have to do is view your reports monthly.

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