What was fresh in web design three years ago might not be anymore. When it comes to your website, you need to keep it continuously updated. You need eye-catching designs that will help you stand out from your competitors. 

Digital trends and users’ expectations are continually changing. With specific trends becoming outdated and others constantly gaining ground, businesses must keep up with the newest graphic design trends. To guide your home service business, here are 3 graphic design trends that will keep your website fresh in 2021.

1.Dark Mode

In 2020, dark mode was one of the biggest trends to hit the web design industry. This new feature has completely changed the traditional approach of using white backgrounds for empty space. Apple being one of the leading brands to embrace this trend, countless apps and websites have followed suit and incorporated it into their websites.

3 benefits to dark mode:

  • It allows for highlighting and accentuating other graphic elements. Whether its pictures or text, the contrast of the darker background allows other design elements to pop. 
  • Gives a contemporary look to your business. 
  • Reduces eye strain in comparison to the traditional white backdrops. Not only is dark mode one of the hottest web trends, but it also helps out with longstanding web users.

2. Combining Photography with Graphics

The peak of creativity and creating a unique brand image - layering graphics with images is slowly rising to the top of website trends for 2021. You can customize your messaging and elevate your branding to make you stand out from the rest. 

For a clean look that creates trust for your users, try using pictures of your trucks and technicians, this allows for additional brand recognition and a more memorable experience overall.

Quick Tip: To maximize this trend's potential, make sure the designs are consistent with the personality of your business! Squiggles and abstract shapes are more playful, while geometric shapes give off a more sophisticated look. Select one that will resonate with your clients. Remember to keep your branding consistent!

Imperfections Create Personality

Hand-drawn graphics that aren’t necessarily designed to perfection personify your brand; they invoke humanity and emotion. Our eyes are tired of seeing seemingly perfect and impersonal images. 

Watch for unique-looking designs that add character and elevate your brand.

This trend is going to be wildly advantageous in the realm of home service businesses. Home services are far from delicate and pristine. This trend can give a really interesting look of dimension and showcase your brand's personality.

Final Thoughts

Website trends can come and go very quickly. What is essential as a business is to continually be aware of what’s evolving in graphic design. Keep your webpage modern and fresh without compromising your branding and the connection with your customers.


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