It is safe to say that COVID-19 has impacted the world in many unexpected ways. With new information on the virus being presented on a day-to-day basis, changes for businesses happened rapidly. Business owners had to pivot to understand how to run their business in the midst of a pandemic.  

Depending on the protocols of your region, most home service businesses were deemed essential and didn’t have to close their doors completely. However, this still meant facing the complicated reality of business slowing down. Many people may have cancelled their service requests or put them off until next year. 

However, with many other businesses beginning to reopen, people are beginning to feel more comfortable and are re-booking their services. In order to maintain your business, there is a shift in focus on keeping everyone safe. Businesses are implementing policies and guidelines that adhere to the WHO and local healthcare protocols.

So Things Are Getting Back to Normal

In terms of informing people about the safety changes you have implemented in your business, there must be a clear line of communication. Emotions are already heightened during these unprecedented times. 

Your employees will be entering the home of your customers. Some customers may be nervous or even scared. Your employees might be nervous or scared. Empathize with both parties and find ways to clearly communicate your safety protocols.

One way could be through your website, an email to your customer, or even through a good old fashioned phone call.

Constant Updates

The world is subject to a variable of changes in regards to the COVID-19. This means your business should respond to new information as it's being presented. 

Be Transparent - Transparency between the business and its clients will sow seeds of trust. A feeling that will make clients want to refer the services to their friends and, in turn, can grow your business.

Don’t Forget Your Logistics

  • Any COVID-19 related changes that were made should be clearly found on the homepage of your website. If your processes have changed you should absolutely keep them informed before they decide to book with you.
  • If your availability has changed due to the pandemic, update your hours on Google My Business. Nothing is worse than losing a client because of the wrong business hours. Make the update widely known on your website for minimal confusion.
  • Go the extra mile - include a complete outline of the changed policies! Your customer’s safety is your number one priority; don't hesitate to make your changes seen and easily accessible.

Be Open

Because of the nature of the pandemic and its subjectivity, be open to others’ feedback on the guidelines that are newly implemented. It is such an important quality to be able to hear what your customers are telling you and translate it into tangible protocols.  A great strategy to implement to enhance your business’ willingness to adopt better policies is having your customers fill out a feedback survey after having received your services. Give them a safe and anonymous space to share comments or concerns to help improve the way you do your business.

Final Word

COVID-19 has raised many changes in the way businesses operate. It is imperative that you keep your customers updated on how your business plans on moving forward in order to make it through the adversity of the pandemic. At the end of the day, it is in your best interest as a home service business to make everyone feel secure in choosing your services.


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