It’s no secret that people prefer video content when surfing the web. Video content is engaging, entertaining, and notoriously underused to convert leads in the roofing industry. 80% of earned social media traffic comes from video. So, why wouldn’t you want to tap into that traffic and deliver information the way people are looking for it? 

It might not seem like it’s worth all the effort at the start. Making high-quality videos is an investment. But, a worthwhile one. We're here to show you that if you're willing to step up your game with your video content, it can help bring in leads for years to come.

Here are 4 tips for creating quality content videos for your roofing business. 

1. Get the Right Equipment

Low-quality videos and cheap setups make your brand look amateur. You need a video that is going to give off the right impression of your business. We recommend budgeting a fair amount of money for high-quality filming equipment. 

Luckily, most smartphones film in HQ. You can decide whether that is your best option, or if you want to invest in a vlog style camera or a DSLR. The camera that you choose will depend on your budget, filming location, and personal preference. We recommend doing your research to find the perfect model for you. 

The most important piece of equipment that can completely change the quality of your video is a microphone. Consider a microphone that is adaptable to what you're using to film and see for yourself how drastically better your videos can be. 

Lastly, make sure to have a designated location to film. Somewhere with good sound, lighting and background. Investing in a backdrop and camera lighting allows you to replicate the same image for every video. However, keep in mind that shots of your work will help to create engaging B-roll footage. We recommend you incorporate a variety of types of shots to get the best results.

2. The Right Content

Potential customers are going to absorb more information through a video than through written content. Because of this, you want to be sure the content of your videos provide the perfect amount of information and deliver your message effectively.

Content Pointers

  • People don’t want to be told about your services, they want to be shown. Show them before and after roofing jobs via video. This visual will make a lasting impact on your customers. 
  • Question and answer videos are a great way to provide information and engage with your customers. Take a few of your most frequently asked questions and respond to them on camera. Not only are you engaging with your customers but you’re also furthering the foundation of trust with them. 
  • Testimonials from your customers are a great way to promote the quality of your service. If It’s an amazing review broadcasted to all your viewers! 
  • Keep your videos short and sweet. Customers won’t take the time to view longer than two-minute videos. Of course, this is subjective to the video and its content, but as a rule of thumb, sticking to shorter videos will be more beneficial.

3. Editing Softwares

Editing your video can seem like a daunting step in the process of filmmaking. Simply trimming and merging the clips just won’t cut it anymore. The editing process is your creative outlet to make your videos stand out and impact viewers. This is where you can build your business’ image, make yourself more approachable and relate to your audience. 

There are countless editing softwares for you to choose from. Either a one-time downloading payment or subscription-based program, decide what the appropriate expenditure is for your business. Try an editing software that allows for creative fonts, transitions and utilizes graphics to enhance your information. We recommend Final Cut Pro, Filmora and Adobe Creative Cloud!

4. Finding Your Stage

customers to see. Choosing the right way to push forward the content you created is vital. You don’t want to put all your hard work to waste by not getting your video in front of your audience.  

Start with Youtube and Vimeo. These are your two fundamental platforms. From here you can share the link on all your various social media platforms. Boosting your video content on social media is also a good idea. This gives you the ability to choose the target audience for your content.

When it comes to embedding your videos on your website, we highly advise against it. For the sole reason that it slows down the loading time of your website and that can play into losing customer conversion- something you definitely want to avoid. Instead, we suggest linking the videos to an outside source like Youtube.


Starting to use video content to market your brand will do wonders for your conversions and customer engagement. The key is understanding that the purpose here isn’t to go viral. You want to reach your ideal customer and help them become familiar with the services you provide. Using the 4 above-noted tips, start creating your high-quality videos and get ready to see some more leads.

If you need any help with creating or distributing your video content online, reach out to us. One of our marketing directors would love to help out. 


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