As much as word-of-mouth is crucial, customers need tangible evidence that they can trust your services. Online reviews have become a critical deciding factor in potential customers choosing your business. 

In 2019, a survey indicated that 82% of customers read online reviews of local businesses. Not only that, but 94% of online buyers said that a negative review persuaded them to avoid the company. As you can see, a positive presence on the internet is essential to stay competitive with other home service businesses. So, You want more reviews?

Here are 4 tips for getting more reviews from your happy customers.

Be in the Right Place

Your home service business needs to have an online presence on prominent social platforms, especially where customers can leave and find reviews. 

The most relevant platform is Google. One of Google's benefits and what makes the platform different is that it can make your business reviews appear if it deems the search "local." Your target demographic is more likely to find your business by having your reviews pop up for local searches on Google. But, of course, they need to be positive reviews to motivate people to book with you.  

 About two-thirds of shoppers will read Google reviews before visiting a company's website. So, be sure your business is set up correctly as a business with google. 

Other than Google, some other places customers might seek out reviews are Facebook, Yelp and Yahoo! With the number of facets to leave reviews increasing and the process becoming more comfortable, positive reviews are easier to come by.

Simplicity is Key

When asking for a review, you want your customers to do the least amount of work possible; they are doing you a favour at the end of the day. Here's how you can go about asking for a review and making it as easy as possible:

  • Within a week of providing your services, call your client. Ask them if everything is working and if they have any questions or concerns.
  • Kindly ask them for a review. Be specific, ask them if they would be willing to give you a review on Facebook. Let them know if you are looking for a lengthy review, a simple rating or if it's closer to a survey layout where they will be answering questions.

Within no more than five minutes of getting their consent of leaving you a review, you should email your customer with a clear link and guide for them to follow.

Properly Incentivize Your Customers

Businesses are implementing all sorts of incentives to get their customers to give reviews. Be careful when deciding to use this tactic. The purpose of reviews is to get authentic feedback from customers. If your business’ strategy begins to seem like you’re paying for reviews, you need to reevaluate your reviews system. Poorly motivated customers can result in fake reviews- and that hurts your business reputation.

Try these:

  • Hand-out point credit to discount your services in the future 
  • Offer quarterly draws in which a review enters them into a chance to win

Respond to Your Reviews- Especially the Bad Ones

Using these tactics will increase positive reviews, but it would be naive to think that negative reviews will no longer exist. Online customers are not only expecting businesses to respond to their reviews, but they want to see a prompt response.  
Responding to your reviews increases the likelihood of customers choosing your business. 80% of customers feel heard and cared about when management responds to their review. It also helps web visitors who are reading your reviews.

45% of consumers say that they’re more likely to choose service from a company that responds to negative reviews.

To Summarize

Reviews are the key to success for your home service business. With these above-noted tips, you can find a way to increase the number of reviews you receive from your happy customers. Of course, getting negative reviews is a consistent challenge, but with the appropriate response to criticism, you can continue cultivating a brand that makes you stand out from the rest.


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