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About the Author

Kevin Wilhelm

Kevin Wilhelm is a tenured marketing executive, having worked with hundreds of business owners on developing and executing strategic marketing plans. Co-Founder and President of Pod Marketing Inc., Kevin brings years of experience in entrepreneurship, branding, advertising, marketing and, business operations to his clients in eye care. Kevin is a consistent contributor to industry magazines and online publications while travelling across North America to speak on marketing and human resource topics for private organizations and accredited industry conferences. His experience in starting and managing high growth businesses has attributed to his overall mindset of strategic business development for the clients we work with.

Articles by Kevin

Reinvest in Marketing 2020

How to Re(Invest) In Digital Marketing in 2020

Something I do almost every day is have conversations with clients about how to get the most out of their marketing. And I’ve noticed that when it comes to investing in the tactics that they are hesitant, especially now with the massive changes caused by COVID-19. Many business owners are feeling uncertain and trust me, …
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The Basics of Creating a Marketing Plan

As a business owner, taking time out of your day to create a marketing plan might seem unimportant compared to the endless tasks on your to-do list. Most owners are so trapped in the day-to-day that they rarely take a step back to view their business on a holistic level. As a result, they lose …
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click: How You Can Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

click Is a toolkit that will help you navigate the digital marketing landscape and grow your business. …
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