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ADHOME Marketing
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Digital Marketing Agency

Specializing in Home Service Industries

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Who We Are

Who We Are

We’re good at what we do, and we know that the same goes for you. That’s why ADHOME Marketing is the best full-service digital marketing company for your business: we grow it in metrics that you can measure. We let you get back to what you’re best at, because – trust us – you’ll need the time.

We’re not just marketing professionals: we’re entrepreneurs. We’ve done the time, studied the data, and formulated our success. We have hands-on experience when it comes to what works and what doesn’t for home service industries. And while our hands may not have gotten dirty… they’ve been typing and clicking relentlessly. 

We help you build your business to the ideal that made you start it in the first place.

We’re ADHOME: the premier digital marketing agency specializing in Home Service Industries.

Meet Our

Amanda Wilhelm


Amanda Wilhelm has seen both sides of the coin when it comes to marketing. Starting her career as a small business owner, she was able to grow her own revenues by 50% in the first year alone. This gave her a taste for what could be possible with her natural talents in marketing, research, and strategy.

Working as a Marketing Director for many years, she honed in on these abilities and brought additional skills to the table with a hands-on approach. Amanda has expert competencies in optimizing website conversion, user experience (UX), SEO, AdWords, reputation management, content marketing, marketing automation, video production and management, traditional advertising and marketing budgets.

Amanda actively invests in the entrepreneurial community to share the success that she has found in her pursuits. She takes pride in her leadership abilities, which are characterized by her creative and philanthropic style. Outside of her day-to-day work life, Amanda enjoys being involved in charitable work as well as painting, writing poetry, and composing music.

Bruce Sittler


Bruce Sittler owns a highly successful and well-recognized Albertan HVAC company. Bruce has been indispensable in building ADHOME, and has given us the room we needed to truly explore the operations of a Home Service Business.

Bruce delivers real-time feedback on our marketing tactics, and has been instrumental in lending his successful business to many of our “experiments”. His insight has informed us on what Home Service Business Owners really want.

When Bruce isn’t talking business, he loves to fish and golf.

Kevin Wilhelm



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Helping Home Service Companies Grow

ADHOME Marketing is all about home services – our entire business has been built around helping them grow. Our experience in home service industries has filled a niche and turned into an active investment. We come to work every day because we love the challenge of marketing such a distinctive industry.

We use our powerful collaborative of industry-specific professionals to ensure that no stone goes unturned. We’ve even developed our own digital tools specifically engineered to grow your profitable leads: something that wouldn’t be possible without a true understanding of what home service businesses need.

We’re passionate about what we do. If you are, too – let’s get started.