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Metrics & Reporting

These days, you can’t deny the importance in knowing (and understanding) the metrics of your online presence. At ADHOME, we go full tilt when it comes to data – we love a deep dive into the cut-and-dry results of our work.

CTRs, ISs, dollar-per-conversion, conversion rates, percentage increases, and revenue tracking are passionate topics of discussion. If you’re not sure why, don’t worry: we provide full transparency and recommendations, and appreciate that you can’t make the right call if you’re not informed.

We genuinely pride ourselves in our metrics. When our clients win, we celebrate – loudly. We aim to make every one of our clients monthly dashboard a case study to boast about.

Monthly Organic Performance Monitoring
Goal Setting & Milestone Tracking
Full Transparency & Recommendations

Organic Performance Monitoring

We monitor how your business stacks up against your 4 top competitors, digitally speaking, and send you a monthly report on it. This report will help you as well as your Dedicated Marketing Director see trends, wins, and slips in rankings. It will give you a clear view on where you started with us, where we brought value, as well as your trajectory going forward.

Detailed Monthly Dashboard

ADHOME provides all of our clients with a detailed monthly dashboard that is updated in real time. We analyze it with you at least once a month and provide any recommendations we have on targeting adjustments. This is more or less the control panel of your digital marketing services. 

Want to increase leads? No problem: we’ll have a look at your dashboard and determine which tactics have yielded the highest performance. This tool provides us with the ability to clearly define, communicate, and explore direction and recommendations.

Quarterly Audit & Roadmap

Every quarter, we analyze what worked best in regards to revenue returned. This helps us to report on progress and findings, but more importantly, it helps us create your next quarters detailed marketing roadmap. 

If your dashboard is the control panel, your roadmap is your guide to success. We create your roadmap with recommendations based on facts, science, and killer instincts that have been refined with expertise. If you follow your roadmap, hitting these goals is just part of the journey.

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Book Your Marketing Audit A Marketing Audit differs from a Website Audit in that we fully dive into your marketing efforts. One of our Marketing Directors will interview you over the phone, ask you a series of questions, and provide you with a roadmap to successful, profitable growth. Complete this form and we will contact you with the best day and time for us to chat.