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Our Local Thought Leader Program

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Local Thought Leader

Our Local Thought Leader Program

The digital world is full of self-proclaimed “experts.” You’ve got the training, the experience, and the know-how to really help consumers. But how do you set yourself apart from every other Tom, Dick, and Harry?

The answer is you become a local thought leader.

Our Local Thought Leader program is designed to demonstrate your expertise with content that goes above and beyond what your competitors are doing. It could be totally custom blogs, videos, or even infographics. We’ll create a monthly content strategy targeting the topics you’re passionate about in a way that’s designed to draw traffic.

You show the world what you know and establish trust with your user. When the user needs services like yours, they already know who to call. And the best part? You don’t have to do a dang thing.

Build Your Digital Reputation
Become a Trustworthy Local Resource
Make Your Name Mean Something

Local Thought Leader Campaign

Your Name Matters

When we create Local Thought Leader content for you, we publish it to your website under your name, not the company’s name. That might seem backwards, but there’s a very good reason for it.

Google’s search algorithm inherently trusts people over brands– specifically people with demonstrated industry expertise. It wants to give users the best possible information, so it values content produced by a name it can cross-reference. 

Posting well-written, well-sourced, and well-researched content under your real name shows Google that you know what you’re talking about. As a result, Google tries to value anything attached to your name (like your company’s website) more highly.

We will never post anything until you’ve approved it.

Balancing Your Brand With Keyword Data

Every quarter, we’ll meet with you to chat. We want to start thinking how you think.

Your dedicated content strategist will ask all sorts of questions to find out what you’re passionate about, what your clients need to know, and how you want to make the industry better. 

We’ll take the general themes of our conversation and start doing some keyword research. The idea is to talk about the topics that matter to you in a way that draws users in. By looking at common search words and phrases, we can determine what users are actually looking for. 

Your strategist’s plan is to meet the user’s intent and build your digital reputation as an expert all at once.

Set It & Forget It

The beauty of the LTL program is it takes virtually all the work of content creation off your plate. Every 3 months, we’ll book a 1-hour meeting to discuss some potential topics and a half-hour meeting to approve your quarterly strategy. Beyond that, we’ll only bug you to get approval on the content pieces before publishing them.

Your dedicated content strategist does all the research, writes the content, works with designers, publishes your pieces to your website, and even promotes the pieces on your social media channels.

All we need from you is some insight into your brain and the go-ahead to post the piece. We handle everything else.

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