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Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our philosophy with Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising isn’t simple, but it does make sense. Where most agencies focus on the number of clicks, calls, and form submissions, we add a few extra ingredients to the mix: quality of the call and the revenue returned.

Our focus is bringing your business a positive return on investment. This means that we need to hone in on the quality of the conversions we create for you with Google Ads. Our dynamic philosophy translates to growing your ROI and achieving your business goals in a way that is genuinely substantial.

We create hundreds of ads, target thousands of keywords, and operate each of your business units with their own unique budgets and goals in mind. For example, what might make sense for one service will not make sense for another. By taking the time to understand and customize our strategies to your business model, we ensure that each and every call is profitable. Think “less tire-kickers, more big-spenders”.

Pair our Pay-Per-Click program with our High Converting Website, and you’ll need to see the results to believe them.

Determine Your Goals
Invest Exclusively in Profitable Leads
Report on Revenue Returned

Building Your Search Campaign

Demographics, Keywords, Tracking, & Reporting

We start the process by getting a little obsessed with your business. We discover thorough, high-impact answers to questions such as:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • What messaging reflects your brand?
  • What geographies should we avoid?

By asking the right questions, we ensure the success of your campaign, and, by extension, your business. 

Next, we take what we’ve learned and get to work. 

  1. Your dedicated Marketing Scientist builds a truly robust Google Ads campaign using hundreds of short and long-tail keyword variations. 
  2. We implement advanced tracking and analytics, including call recording and heatmap tracking. These methods ensure we know what’s working most effectively across the board.
  3. Once we’ve executed the campaign and collected the results, we sort through the data to determine which ads or webpages are resulting in the most conversions.

When we know what’s working, we adjust your campaign to mirror that success in other areas.

We Only Bid on Profitable Leads

This stance on ads is distinguishing and – dare we say it – a brave one to take. While we do follow the traditional methodology of focusing on volume when it comes to clicks, leads, and cost per lead, we believe that marketing should be held accountable to revenue. 

We analyze the revenue returned from each of the calls we get your business by syncing directly to Service Titan (ask us if we can integrate with your current CRM Software). This allows us to clearly track click to revenue success. From here, we are able to make more complex adjustments to your campaigns each month, guiding your investment towards the keywords that are bringing in the highest revenue.

Though you might be wondering why at the moment, we also provide you with a “control panel” which allows you to turn off your ads if your schedule gets too full. It may be hard to imagine you’ll ever need it, but trust us – you will. We couldn’t use this strategy without it.

Detailed Reporting & Analysis

We tend to geek-out when it comes to data. Somehow, we’ve figured out how to pour our creative passion into numbers. (Well, it was actually our team of Marketing Scientists. They believe in math as an art form.)

We love diving into your digits and figuring out what’s working best. Hopefully, you’ll find our excitement contagious, because we’ll be meeting at least once a month when your dedicated Marketing Scientist sends your dashboard report. This will outline both our discoveries as well as recommended next steps on your path to success.

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