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Ace Plumbing and Heating

Ace Plumbing is a Plumbing and Heating company based in a Large City in Canada. They began their SEO program with us in 2020. Read the case study below to see how we’ve already helped them increase their organic traffic by 83%!


Ace Plumbing was investing money into their SEO and Marketing program, however, their results weren’t ever clear to them. Like most businesses, what their SEO was doing for their business and how it was affecting their leads was difficult to understand. They were struggling to figure out a true Return on Investment and was craving transparency into the agency efforts. Ace Plumbing came to ADHOME Marketing with a very reasonable goal, to increase their Organic Traffic for Plumbing and Heating keywords in their local market. We started with research and tried to uncover some low hanging fruit that would allow us to make big wins right away.


For one thing, we know Plumbing and HVAC. Yes, of course we are also Digital Marketing experts, but the reason they chose ADHOME, was because we understand how to grow home service businesses profitably. We are humble enough to admit when a strategy isn’t working, but brave enough to recommend what businesses actually need to spend to grow rapidly. For Ace Plumbing, the strategy was simple, analyze the keywords that they need improvement on, and create a detailed content strategy that helps them rank for better keywords. We analyze the revenue returned from each keyword clicked from Google Ads to determine our SEO target keywords. It’s a fairly simple approach, but one that has proven fruitful for the majority of our clients.

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We Know
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In order to give them more transparency into how their marketing investment was working for them, we set up an entire marketing plan that would achieve their goals while providing easy to understand monthly metrics. Enter, dashboards. We provide all clients with a dashboard that outlines all marketing metrics for them to view at any time, giving them a clear line of sight into what is working and what needs to change.


Within one year of launching SEO, Ace Plumbing has grown its organic traffic by 83%! They are now ranking for over 210 relevant keywords and are also ranking for 10 front page keywords. 4 of the top 10 are in the top 3 results including “Duct Repair” and “Plumbing” in the Calgary market.

Plumbing Results Graph


Through the marketing efforts we have implemented over the last 12 months, Ace Plumbing is now receiving an average of 131 leads per month from organic traffic, which is an increase of 70 leads per month from the year before prior to our SEO efforts.

SEO is always a long-term investment that takes time to deliver results. So, after 12 months of strategic planning our team was able to improve Google rankings and increase organic traffic. This increase has greatly decreased the dependence on pay per click advertising like Google Ads which has decreased their overall cost per lead. As we continue to work on their SEO, we only expect this trend to continue.

+70 Leads / Month

Avg. Revenue from Organic Leads $2,020

Monthly SEO Investment $2,000


If you want to grow your heating and plumbing business profitably, then book a meeting with us.


What Happens With This Call?

We take the time to answer any questions you have, and go over any of the programs or services you’re curious about.

Basically, this is when we pull back the curtain.

We show you examples of live programs, as well as some of our comprehensive reporting abilities. As you gain an idea of ADHOME and what we’re about, we get to know you and your business, too. This connection is usually an online conference to facilitate showing you the details, so we ask that you are in front of your computer.